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“Wow. Just wow. I have three large dogs and five cats. My floor were impossible. In a little longer than one hour, they went from looking like they needed to be replaced to nearly brand new. Highly recommend!”

Melissa M. via Facebook

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Your Northeastern Wisconsin Trusted Carpet Cleaning Technicians

When it comes to your carpets, it's likely they have experienced their fair share of spills and stains. It's one thing to try to get these stains out for the overall appearance of your carpets, but with these stains also comes dirt and bacteria too. This is why professional carpet cleaning is important as it not only creates a cleaner appearance, but can also creates a cleaner environment too.

At Pure Clean, we provide trusted carpet cleaning for residents in and around Appleton. Our service is predictable, thorough and dependable so that you can rest assured that you will receive the best results every single time.

Biodegradable cleaning agents

Your clean carpets will be safe for your children and pets with our biodegradable cleaning agent that is used.

Fast carpet drying times

You won’t have to wait very long after your carpets have been cleaned in order to enjoy them!

Clear Communication

We communicate with you every step of the way from when you book your carpet cleaning service to when it's complete — there will be no surprises!

Carpet Cleaning

When you book your carpet cleaning service with us, we will walk through your home with you to see your carpets, get an understanding of your needs and budget, and then follow a set process that we know will bring you the best results possible in great time!

  1. With every wet stroke on your carpet that we do, we pair this with a dry stroke which sucks up any additional moisture.
  2. Using fans and a re-grooming technique that brings the fibers of your carpet up, we can speed up your carpet drying time to be dry in 5 hours.
  3. We use stain protectors with a solvent base instead of a water base which also helps to reduce drying time.
Professional carpet cleaning in Northern Wisconsin

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results of your carpet cleaning, we will be prompt and courteous in fixing this for you.

Pet Urine Removal

We love our furry friends! Sometimes, they might have an accident on the carpet that leaves a stain and a lingering odor. No matter how much you scrub away at the stain, you probably find that the odor remains. This is because the urine gets deep within the fibers of your carpet, making it difficult to remove from a surface level. At Pure Clean, we provide thorough pet urine removal services. With our professional equipment, we can get deep within the fibers of your carpet and extract the urine odor from your pet’s accident.

Cat on clean carpet

"Andy was great! Professional and so thorough. My carpets haven’t looked this good in years!!! We got a new puppy and even though we thought we thoroughly cleaned up the “puppy accidents”, the spots re-emerged. Andy made them disappear like magic and assured us that if they happen to re-emerge again (a possibility due to the type of carpet), just to give him a call and he will come out to re-treat them. Also, the high traffic areas look just as good as the areas that were under the sofa. Incredible!"

Becky P. via Google

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